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The contractors listed on this website are members of CRBA and are provided for your convenience.  Builder member's license numbers were checked at the time they applied for membership and at various times during the year, however it is recommended that you always check current license status.  That information may be obtained from the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors at or 225-765-2301. Capital Region Builders Association assumes no liability for work that may be performed by a member. 

      Explanation of codes in table below:


Member Type:

B =     Builder w/license.

BAF=  Employee of company (some are license holders)

D =     Developer - If no license code shows up, ask for developer to refer you to a CRBA Member


License Type from Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors:

R =     Residential license.  Required for Residential Construction.
C=      Commercial license.
HIR= Home Improvement Registration.

   (HIR may do construction where TOTAL job cost, including material and labor is under $75,000)


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